The topic is not something most of us want to talk about. But then it happens. It does and will because change is the very essence of life. Life is impermanent. There truly is a time and a season for all of our experiences from birth to death. 

With change and loss there is often sadness and a longing “for the way things used to be”.  This is natural because the past is our reference point for today. Tomorrow never really comes in reality; it lives only in our minds as a projection of what has already been or a vision of what we wish to be. 

It is the expected course of nature that children bury their parents. When a parent is charged to bury their child, the natural course is disrupted. It is unimaginable, unthinkable and it happens. 

As a parent who has buried a child, I am here to let you know that it is possible to go on. There is no formula, stages or rule book only a journey of compassion, understanding and acceptance.  It is your destiny now to integrate this journey into your life and pick up the gifts along the way.


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