Taking Your Own Advice

If you’re like me, you’re “good” at giving advice to others. In fact, it may be pretty easy. Your intuitive and caring nature often, with surprising accuracy, may know exactly what would be in the best interest of our friend or colleague. 


So why is it so hard for some of us to practice what we preach. There may be several reasons. One of the reasons I find to be the most compelling is the way we talk to ourselves. Notice the next time you are advising a friend. Is your body language open and receptive? Your words kind and understanding? Do you intertwine words of encouragement and point out past successes? You are likely seen as a trusted friend and someone to take seriously.


Gather up all of those wonderful qualities that you give to others. List them and acknowledge the value that is you. The next time you are looking for some good advice, look within and talk to yourself with the same noncritical, gentle and affirming voice you use with a friend.  


Learning to practice what we preach is a win-win. 



joan matlock