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Eric’s House

EricsHouse Inc. is a non-profit organizations dedicated to serving the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those impacted by suicide or addiction loss. We bring a variety of traditional and holistic approaches to help those throughout their grief journey, and we go a step beyond by supporting attempt survivors and those in recovery. Our team of counselors, coaches, intuitive healers, spiritual directors, art and music therapists, and health experts help people navigate their grief so that they may move beyond their loss.

For more information please go to: https://www.ericshouse.org


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Rancho La puerta in tecate, mexico in 2012

I am honored to be sharing my journey through loss and help you transition through life at Rancho La Puerta on November 11, 2012. My group is called The Journey: Turning Loss Into Found | Joan Matlock, MA, MFT. 
I help you find purpose and peace during your significant life transitions. Together we will:

•Explore growth and possibilities
•Discover the strength and healing powers within
•Define and fully use your naturally resilient nature
•Sort through the multitude of emotions, beliefs, fears and hope that emerge when you are faced with challenging life-changing decisions
•Create meaningful goals
•Discover the gifts available as change becomes reality.

Together, we’ll create a customized plan of hope, recovery, decision-making and action for you in life circumstances such as:

•Facilitating the care of aging parents
•Launching adult children
•Starting retirement
•Being single again after a divorce
•Adjusting to college life
•Grief and loss of a loved one, a job and much more

For more information, please visit Rancho La Puerta's website below: 

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REd mountain resort in utah, USA in 2017

Join psychotherapist Joan Matlock for a long weekend of spiritual growth. Joan is a spiritual seeker, a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT), as well as a grief and creativity coach. She worked as a therapist in the child welfare system before opening her private practice in San Diego. Marriage, motherhood, divorce, and the loss of her only son created a new direction for Joan as she sought to reclaim her life from a place of unbearable sorrow.

The weekend's itinerary includes:

  • Manage Your Thoughts Manage Your Life - June 15th. Learn how to make your thoughts work for you, not against you.

  • The Wise Women – June 16th. Fit in to who you have become and loving who you are. Release the past, and finally dump that old baggage to write your new story.

  • Living with an Open Heart – June 17th. Learn how to balance gratitude for 'what is' with the freedom of the unknown. Daily practices to manage fear and cultivate peace.

For more information, please visit Red Mountain Resort's website below: 

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la siena in phoenix, arizona in 2015

Elderly and aging adults, by the nature of their life span, have experienced a wide variety of changes that include both sorrow and joy.  As a baby boomer myself, I grew up with several core beliefs about the world, grief and loss and what behaviors were acceptable or not.  Even though we may have been told to “stop crying” or “big girls don’t cry”, the pain was felt and stored in our bodies and psyches.

Grief support for seniors is important to allow stored grief to be expressed and honored. In these sessions, attendees are free to talk about their experiences and receive the validation and compassion they deserve.

It was a privilege to facilitate these groups where my father was living before he passed.


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IFWTWA: Highlights of Emilia Romagna

The road less traveled can lead to the welcoming warmth of Emilia Romagna. It is easy to fall in love with its unspoiled beauty, I know I did.


IFWTWA: River Cruising A Balance Quanity and Quality

River cruising is the best of both worlds for those travelers who wish to experience a country while enjoying all of the convenience of their hotel traveling with them. River cruises offer both quality and quantity. Luxury, adventure and convenience make for amazing travel