Your Changing Story

Life is always in transition. When the changes in our bodies, relationships and purpose are left unexamined, we carry baggage from the past into these new experiences. Recognizing and reviewing the impact of the natural and unexpected changes is important for healthy growth. 

The therapeutic relationship is a safe place to explore your feelings and sort through your experiences. It is natural to feel the tug of uncertainty when navigating new territory. Whether you are feeling increased worry about the future or ruminating about the past, investing time in yourself is a great choice. 

As The Women’s Therapist, I will guide you to discover your innate capacity and potential to craft a story that is more in alignment with who you are. You can create the life that you desire. 


Hourly Rate

$130-$180 a session

The reason that I do not take insurance:

Your privacy is paramount. Use of electronic medical records are not always secure. I would be required to disclose your personal information to an insurance agency.

In order to bill through insurance, I would have to give you a diagnosis. A diagnosis is not always appropriate for the reason that you are seeking therapy and would become part of your permanent medical record.

An insurance company would be in charge of determining how many sessions you could attend. When, where and how long you are in therapy should be your choice.


Location of Services




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In My Office

Traditional in office therapy works well for most people. It is a quiet private space that gets you away from your daily life and becomes a safe sanctuary to do your work. I offer sessions during normal business hours and occasionally in the early evening if your schedule requires that from time to time.

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At Your Home

You may find that it works best for you to meet at your home, in your garden or kitchen. Spaces and activities in your home may help you to access the information and feelings related to the area in your life that needs the most attention. How this would work, timing, costs, etc. would be discussed in an initial office appointment.

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On the Yoga Mat

I offer this because I have discovered the intrinsic value to listening to the body. The body gives us a wealth of information if we learn to listen to it. So, if mutually agreed upon, we could use the mat, either in my office, your home or favorite study, to enhance your therapeutic journey. Some simple but powerful yoga poses correlate to the areas in life that need the most attention. We would discuss the details of utilizing simple yoga poses to enhance therapy in an initial session in my office. I am not a certified yoga instructor, only an avid student.

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Walk and Talk

You might find that you access your most intuitive thoughts out in nature while walking. Walk and Talk therapy is not for everyone but can be a beneficial avenue to get yourself, literally, moving in the direction you desire. I am a true believer in the power of connecting with nature. Walking, like yoga, is a great way to get in touch with the wisdom of the body. And like yoga, plays a significant role in reducing depression and anxiety. We would discuss the details of Walk and Talk therapy in an initial session in my office.